Why This Is The Right Time To Buy Property In Dubai?

24 Apr 2023

Selling a house might sound easy to some, but in reality, it’s an emotionally challenging and time-consuming process that needs your full attention. And if you want to sell the property you are currently living in, you might feel like an invasion of privacy.

That’s because strangers will come to your house and might criticize the place. But don’t worry because we have got your back. Whether you want to sell or buy property in Dubai, we can help you do it correctly. With some crucial information, you can avoid common pitfalls.

Things to Consider When Selling Your House

Embarking on selling your freehold property in Dubai? Keep it simple; even if it's your first attempt, this process need not be intimidating. In this post, find answers to your queries and a clear starting point for your property sale journey. Selling in Dubai requires a thoughtful approach, and we're here to guide you through it. Don't let the initial uncertainties hold you back; understanding the process is the first step to a successful sale. Trust this post to demystify the intricacies and set you on a confident path toward selling your property in Dubai.

Find a Real Estate Agent

Enlisting a property for sale in Dubai can be very daunting. That’s why you should find a broker to simplify the process. When selecting a broker, make sure you choose one registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai.

Such real estate agents are trustworthy and honest with their work. Thus, you can trust them. In addition, working with a broker makes the selling task easy because brokers can walk you through the legal complications and other important things involved in the process.

Correctly Advertise Your Property

If you haven’t advertised your property, people will not know about it. And this way, no one will show interest in your real estate property for sale in Dubai.

So, instead, you must talk about your property to attract potential buyers. Surely your real estate agent will list the property online, but you also need to advertise it on your level.

Also, after listing, keep your property clean. There should be no clutter. Decorate it to make it appealing, and get it repaired. This way, you can expect a good amount.

Signing Form F

Once the broker has helped you find a potential buyer, it’s time to sign FORM F. This form is a Memorandum of Understanding and a contract between buyer and seller.

This process is important because FORM F contains important information, including price, selling cost, property details, transfer date, name of the party, and other details.

Since FORM F is a legal contract, you need to check it twice before signing.

Underestimating the Cost of Your Property

Most people underestimate the cost of their property. That’s because they don’t calculate the amount that they put for repairs and other stuff. Also, they forget about closing costs that can roughly increase the property’s price by 10%.

Unrealistic Price

Another thing that property owners like to do is set an unrealistic price. There is a fine line between overestimating and underestimating. So make sure that you hit the sweet spot between the two lines to get a fair deal.

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