Amr Aboushaban


Amr Aboushaban is the visionary founder and Chief Executive Officer of Allegiance Real Estate, bringing over 17 years of experience in the financial industry to his leadership role. With a deep understanding of investment strategies and client relationships, Amr has established himself as a trusted and focused leader in the industry.

Before founding Allegiance, Amr spent over a decade in London, where he held senior positions at Merrill Lynch and Renaissance Capital. During this time, he honed his investment approach and developed a deep understanding of the global financial landscape.

Amr's impressive track record also includes his role as Chief Investor Relations Officer at Damac, where he successfully raised $900 million and was recognised by Institutional Investor as the Best IR professional in 2018.

Amr's educational background is equally impressive, with a master's degree in finance and investment and a bachelor's degree in digital communication. This unique blend of skills and knowledge enables Amr to approach real estate investment with a holistic perspective, leveraging cutting-edge technology and communication strategies to maximize returns for his clients.

As the driving force behind Allegiance, Amr is committed to delivering unparalleled service and results to his clients, with a focus on integrity, transparency, and innovation.

Amr Aboushaban - Allegiance real estate broker