why choose allegiance?

Allegiance Real Estate is an integrated real estate service provider offering a world-class real estate service to individuals and institutional clients.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner for all your Dubai real estate needs. And the company’s mission is to make your investment journey simple, seamless, and satisfying through an integrated platform being data-driven and technically geared.

Through our in-depth understanding of the world’s real estate demand dynamics, we have achieved a total sale of AED 20 billion in the last 24 months. 

While headquartered in the UAE, we have expanded internationally within the GCC, Middle East & Europe. With over 200 international roadshows since 2020, Allegiance Real Estate played a massive role in providing a realistic and bright image of Dubai, highlighting the welcoming environment that the Emirate provides for investors from all over the world.

We’ve accomplished many milestones and have been acknowledged by renowned developers around the world. The opening of our offices in Riyadh, Paris, Venice & Limassol is part of our strategy to broaden our horizons.

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Why allegiance

Allegiance is the award winning global real estate advisory firm, there are number of reasons as to why Allegiance is the number choice for clients

Experienced Team

We are a skilled team with extensive expertise in Dubai's real estate market. Our knowledge spans across buying, selling, and managing different property types. We cater to international investors and are up-to-date with local market trends and requirements.

Global Presence

Allegiance Real Estate is rapidly expanding its reach across the globe, with its headquarters in Dubai. Our operations have expanded to include various locations such as Paris, Venice, Riyadh, and Cyprus. We regularly organize a range of international events each month, tailored to meet the unique needs of our esteemed clients and investors.

Award Winning Agency

Allegiance is an award-winning real estate agency, with numerous awards and certifications from various developers.

Exclusive Inventory

Allegiance provides exclusive units directly from the developers , therefore providing better offers compared to other real estate agencies.

24/7 availability

Allegiance team of specialists is available to clients 24x7, to provide the right kind of marketing support. Moreover, our team is dealing with international clients on a daily basis with different time zones.

15+ Languages

Our experienced team speaks more than 15 languages, helps our clients from around the world to easily communicate with us regarding all their queries.

Award Winning Real Estate Agency in Dubai

Allegiance Real Estate has earned various prestigious industry awards and formal certificates of praise and appreciation for its innovative services.

1st Broker awards 2022  - Allegiance real estate broker

1st Broker awards 2022


Q2 Broker awards 2021 1st place - Allegiance real estate broker

Q2 Broker awards 2021 1st place


Midyear 1st place 2022 - Allegiance real estate broker

Midyear 1st place 2022


Q1 Broker awards 2021 - Allegiance real estate broker

Q1 Broker awards 2021


Q3 2021 1st place - Allegiance real estate broker

Q3 2021 1st place


5th place Damac - Allegiance real estate broker

5th place Damac


what makes us different?

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing exceptional service and creating a personalized experience for each of our clients.

Specialists in Dubai

Specialists in Dubai

We have a team of specialists who have in-depth knowledge of each developer and their products. Our specialists are equipped with the expertise to guide customers through the complex real estate market and ensure they make informed decisions.

Unparalled experience

Unparalled experience

Our team's combined experience spans across various industries and market segments, which allows us to provide our clients with a unique perspective. We leverage this expertise to stay ahead of market trends, identify potential opportunities, and provide our clients with customized solutions that meet their needs.

24/7 availability

24/7 availability

Allegiance team of specialists is available to clients 24x7, to provide the right kind of marketing support and correct information about the real estate properties in the market. Moreover, our team is dealing with international clients on a daily basis with different time zones. Therefore, we are active and happy to serve our investors or clients all day.

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