Al Dhagaya area guide

Al Dhagaya is a historic neighborhood located in the Deira district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The area is situated along the Dubai Creek and has been an important trading center for centuries. The name "Dhagaya" is derived from the Arabic word for fishing nets, reflecting the area's traditional fishing heritage.

In recent years, Al Dhagaya has become a bustling commercial and residential hub. It is home to a large number of small shops, markets, and restaurants, offering a wide range of goods and services. The area is particularly famous for its gold souk, where visitors can browse through a vast selection of gold and jewelry.

In addition to its commercial activity, Al Dhagaya is also known for its cultural attractions. The neighborhood is home to a number of historic buildings, including the Al-Ahmadiya School, which was the first school in Dubai and now serves as a museum. The area is also home to the Grand Mosque, one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the city.

Overall, Al Dhagaya is a vibrant and dynamic area that offers a unique glimpse into Dubai's rich history and culture.

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