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Off-plan properties are real estate developments that are being built or are in the planning stages but have not yet been completed.

They are typically marketed and sold to buyers during the construction, often at a discounted price compared to properties that are ready. Off-plan properties can be a good opportunity for buyers to get in on the ground floor of the development and potentially secure a good deal, but they also carry some risks as the final product may not be exactly same as described or may not be completed on time.

Buyers of off-plan properties typically put down a deposit and agree to pay the balance when the property is completed. This means that they are essentially investing in the development and taking on some risk in terms of the final quality and value of the property. Buyers need to do their due diligence and carefully consider the risks and rewards of investing in off-plan properties before making a decision.

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Award Winning Real Estate Agency in Dubai

Allegiance Real Estate has earned various prestigious industry awards and formal certificates of praise and appreciation for its innovative services.

1st Broker awards 2022  - Allegiance real estate broker

1st Broker awards 2022


Q2 Broker awards 2021 1st place - Allegiance real estate broker

Q2 Broker awards 2021 1st place


Midyear 1st place 2022 - Allegiance real estate broker

Midyear 1st place 2022


Q1 Broker awards 2021 - Allegiance real estate broker

Q1 Broker awards 2021


Q3 2021 1st place - Allegiance real estate broker

Q3 2021 1st place


5th place Damac - Allegiance real estate broker

5th place Damac


Upcoming International Roadshows

Allegiance has grown into a global real estate advisory thanks to our international property events, which helps us speak to the investors and give them insights on the real estate market of Dubai. Checkout the list of our upcoming international property events, below.

Riyadh - Allegiance real estate broker


26-27 April 2024

Copenhagen - Allegiance real estate broker


27 April 2024

Houston - Allegiance real estate broker


27-28 April 2024

Paris - Allegiance real estate broker


27-28 April 2024

Why Attend Roadshows?

With over200 international roadshows since 2020, Allegiance Real Estate played a massive role in providing a realistic and bright image of Dubai, highlighting the welcoming environment that the Emirate provides for investors from all over the world. Get all details about the Dubai real estate market, property prices, mortgages and exclusive offers directly from developers.

Meet Our Team

With our expertise & knowledge, we have grown steadily and remained resilient despite the challenging market conditions, making a bold milestone in a short period. Meet the team of experts with the right skills, network and experience to guide you throughout the process whether you are looking to buy property in Dubai or want to buy one.

Yassine Bouannouche - Allegiance real estate broker
Yassine Bouannouche
Senior Investment Advisor
English, Arabic, French
Manal Akhouaji Laghdas - Allegiance real estate broker
Manal Akhouaji Laghdas
Investment Consultant
English, Arabic, German
Abdelghani Cherif - Allegiance real estate broker
Abdelghani Cherif
Senior Investment Advisor
English, Arabic
Aruna Sarkar - Allegiance real estate broker
Aruna Sarkar
Investment Consultant
English, Hindi
Muhammad Ather - Allegiance real estate broker
Muhammad Ather
Senior Investment Advisor
English, Hindi

Guide to Buy Off-plan properties

We will guide you through the entire process of purchasing an off-plan development, including details on the payment plan and anticipated handover dates.

  • Get consultation in minutes
  • 24x7 support from the marketing team
  • Exposure to the right properties and communities
  • Providing the accurate information.